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THe famus sandy beach


Ammolofoi (pronounced: I’m all ofee) beach is the most popular and most beautiful beach of northern Greece.

Located at about 1km from N. Peramos, near Kavala (see maps for details), you will find the 3 km sandy beach of Ammolofoi (In Greek Ammolofoi means sand-dunes).

The thin sand combined with the crystal clear and shallow waters of the sea create a magical exotic scenery. This is why thousands of people visit the beach every year, a beach that was awarded with the European Blue Flag since 2006 for its clean waters.

On the beach you will find many beach bars which offer sun beds, umbrellas and parking all for free. You may enjoy your drink, your coffee or your snack watching the endless blue of the Aegean archipelago. When weather conditions allow you can see the Island of Thassos and the mountain of Athos in Halkidiki.

For those of you who like a less crowded beach and more free situations there are many untouched beaches especially in the first and second Ammolofoi.

The beach is seamlessly separated from rocks into three main beaches commonly referred to as fisrt Ammolofoi,, second Ammolofoi and third Ammolofoi (from East to West). Between Ammolofoi and N. Peramos Vrasida;’s peninsula is extended with many small beaches and creeks to swim and to explore.

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Kavala The must-see city of Macedonia


Kavala is not just any town, therefore a lot call it “Lady” of the north. The town itself as well as the countrysides  around the country gather a great number of vacationers, tourists and passing excursionists every summer. The country of Kavala is one of the most developed, with perfect touristic foundation, variety of interests, organized entertaining centres and facilities for cheap of luxurious vacations.

If you stand on the hill in the old town there where the old walls separate the neighbourhoods and have a look to the clear pure blue of the Aegean, you will certainly get surprised by the endlessness you will face.

The old town, the ornament of the area, is built on the norrow strip of land, which enters the sea and cuts the coast into two. In the neighbourhood of Panagia there are saved the best mansions which reveal the francial vigor of the old people of Kavala. You should feel the awakening of the town in the morning, the time when the caiques return from fishing. It is the best time to wander around its beautiful port, to hear the sound of the sea and to a dmire its wealth in the full of fish caiques.

Kavala is a known fishing centre with a big dock and fishing fleet, while it has a walthy market of fruit and vegetables.

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